Thinking of Selling

Our Objectives are the Same…Your Bottom Line!

Highest Price.  Setting the proper value of your home is key.  Pricing too high will discourage showings. Pricing too low will bring in the buyers and possibly some low value offers.  The key is to have the home priced correctly for the market where there are few questions from the buyer on the value. If it is priced right, you should have quality showings and offers.

Your home should be valued by a professional REALTOR® who understands the current market conditions and can accurately recommend the market value.

Shortest Time.   The proper price is a priority in attracting buyers. However, to sell your home in the shortest time it is critical that the home is positioned in the best possible light when it is time to put on the market. When your home is listed and placed on the market it is HOT for a very short time.  Pricing too high will waste the prime exposure time.  Part of our service includes making recommendations as to the best modifications to the homes appearance so that it is inviting and shows well prior to the first showing.

Favorable Terms.  Our goal is to get Favorable terms for you, the Seller. This includes selling price, length of escrow, down payment amount, contingency periods and much more.  Having an experienced REALTOR® with extensive knowledge of the California Purchase Agreements and who knows how to negotiate the terms is a priority to a successful transaction.

Best Experience.   You should expect all of the above to be the top of mind when selling your home.  We want you to have the best experience and to do so our goal is to meet your objectives. In doing so we promise to keep in constant communication and be hands on at all times during the process. Communication is key.

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