Research The Community

February 11, 2016

Research The Community

Research The Community before You Buy A New Home In San Diego

If you are planning to relocate to a new community, relocating due to a job transfer or relocating for other reasons it is important that you understand the North County San Diego community that you will be buying a newly constructed home in. Below is some of the important information you should explore and consider:


This is an important factor whether you have children that will be attending school or not. The performance and quality of the local schools place a key part in appraisal of value for homes in each community and will benefit you maintaining value if you plan to resell at a later date.

Evaluate how the students perform on standardized tests. This can be done in a number of ways. You can search the internet through a number of sources. Most school districts and other schools publish their performance statistics on their websites. On this site you will find links in each community to the local schools in each community as well as listings provided by Yelp. Teacher student ratio is important in evaluating how much individual attention your students will receive.

In many areas around North County San Diego, schools have rapidly been growing to keep up with the increase in population. You will want to consider the current class sizes and see if they have been growing. Check with the schools directly to see if there are plans for expansion or new schools in the area to meet the growing needs.

If you live in a fast growing community now then you understand the challenges. Often the following occurs:

  • An area becomes more desirable because of the school system
  • An increase in new homes in the area will increase the number of families that move to the area and attend the school system.
  • If the school system does not have a plan to keep up with demand the school system will be overwhelmed by the growth
  • Classes become crowded and facilities overwhelmed
  • The quality of education decreases

City Services

Think about all of the services that a good municipality may provide: police and fire protection, trash pick-up, recreation areas, and libraries. Does your target community provide these services? Do not assume that all communities provide all services. Services such as curbside recycling, yard waste disposal, may seem basic, but not every community offers them.

  • Proximity of hospitals, shopping, dining, places of worship
  • Traffic and commuting times
  • Crime rate


Don’t make the mistake of investigating only property taxes in the area in which you plan to live.In California property taxes are limited by Proposition 13 however your new home may be subject to Mello Roos taxes and Special Assessment Districts. A number of taxes of which you may not be aware (especially if you are moving from one state to California) include:

  • Inheritance tax
  • Sales tax
  • Personal property tax
  • Income tax
  • Use tax

Always check with your financial and tax adviser to confirm what your implications will be when you are planning to relocate and buying a new home.

-Rob Pontarelli

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