First Time Home Buyers

9 Documents That Help You Reap Real Estate Tax Breaks

Technically speaking, April 15th is tax day. But for Americans who expect a refund including many homeowners who want to cash in on real estate-related tax perks, filing sooner holds the promise of getting that check in hand, stat. If you count yourself in that number, here’s a handy guide for 9 pieces of paper […]

More Builders Offer a ‘Home Within a Home’

More New Homes Designed for Multigenerational Housing Daily Real Estate News | Wednesday, April 18, 2012 As the number of people living in a household expands, builders are responding and tweaking home designs to meet the growing needs of multigenerational households. In recent years, the number of grown children moving back with their parents and […]

What to Expect When You’re Inspecting

What You Need To Know About Your Home Inspection If you’re a first-time buyer who just nabbed your first place, you’re likely in one of the scarier places in the real estate transaction. After weeks or months of looking, your new home is becoming a reality. But before you can pick out the paint colors […]

5 Secret Sources of Down Payment Money

Down payment: the mere utterance of the term strikes dread in the hearts of many a homebuyer-to-be. Coming up with a down payment often seems like an obstacle that must be overcome, as it is the biggest test of our ability to save money most of us will ever face and it’s a test that […]

Home Inspections

About Home Inspections Whether you are a buyer or a seller of a home, most likely you will need to work with a home inspector during the process. If you are a buyer you will want or may be required by your lender to hire a home inspector before the transaction can move forward and […]

5 Mistakes Buyers Make in a Hot Market – Part 1

  While home prices are nowhere near their peak of 6 or 7 years ago, the nationwide data is clear: the housing market this summer has been hotter than at any time since the recession: The Census Bureau just revealed that new home starts rose 6.9% in June to their highest level in four years […]

Buying a Home in San Diego vs Renting

Buying a home in most major markets will end up being cheaper than renting one. San Diego Breakeven Time – 3.6 Years. NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — For people who are willing to stay put for a few years, buying a home has become a much better deal than renting in almost every major housing market […]


by Jeff Clabaugh Long-term mortgage rates continue to fall to new record lows, with the average rate on a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage falling below 3.5 percent for the first time ever. Freddie Mac’s weekly rate report says the average rate on a 30-year fix in the week ending July 26 was 3.49 percent. A year […]

Home Buying Gets Another Boost in Affordability.

Mortgage Rates Continue Record-Breaking Streak Daily Real Estate News | Friday, July 27, 2012 The 30-year fixed-rate mortgage — the most popular choice among home buyers — is now a full percentage point lower than a year ago, Freddie Mac reports in its weekly mortgage market survey. Fixed-rate mortgages have been on a record-breaking streak […]

Housing Affordability Improves in North County

North County San Diego Housing Costs Improve. Good news for those looking to buy a new home in North County San Diego. While affordability of housing has reached record levels nationally, the affordability of housing in the North San Diego County area continues to be more favorable for home ownership. As reported by the North […]

Best Ways To Get a Mortgage in Today’s Market

What’s the best way to go about getting a mortgage in this low interest-rate but tight credit environment? Mortgage Bankers Association President & CEO David Stevens and WSJ’s Nick Timiraos on Lunch Break have some advice.

Video – Why You Should Consider Buying a New Home

Looking to purchase a newly constructed home in North County San Diego? This video from the Wall Street Journal makes some good recommendations why buying new is smart in today’s market. The video points out the value of a more energy efficient home in the long run. In this day of drop-dead prices on existing homes, […]

Budgeting For Your New Home

Budget Basics Worksheet The first step in getting yourself in financial shape to buy a home is to know exactly how much money comes in and how much goes out. Use this worksheet to list your income and expenses below. Download the PDF Form Here INCOME Take Home Pay (all family members) Child Support/Alimony Pension/Social […]

Buying a New Home Compared to a Foreclosed Home

Buying a Newly Constructed Home. Newly constructed homes are protected by warranties for workmanship, material and structural defects. Newly constructed homes are available for occupancy usually on agreed terms with the builder to meet your moving schedule. New homes are more energy efficient. New homes are built to new standards which include increased insulation, better […]

Why Should You Buy a New Home in North County San Diego Now?

Home buyers, owners and homebuilders have had some tough times in the past few years. North County San Diego has not been able to hide from the challenges that the housing industry nationally has suffered from. However there are a number of valid reasons why you should be looking to buy a new home in […]